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Life Value
       The one hour after an accident is called emergency golden one hour. During this golden period, In addition to the already dead, all severe injuries must be treated immediately. If there is any delay, the most dangerous injured may die. If patients can get timely and effective treatment within 1 hour after trauma, it will significantly improve patients survival rate and reduce incidence rate of complications.
       However, according to statistics from different kinds of disasters and accidents, "the first death peak" of trauma patients happened within one hour, during which the number of deaths accounts for 50%. "The second death peak" happened between 2 hours to 4 hours after injury, death number accounting for 30%.

       Therefore, for on-site emergency rescue, time is life. The earlier rescue represents the less damage to the injured.
        Car accident on expressway will cause large traffic congestion. Emergency lane may be easily blocked and it is difficult for ambulances to arrive at the accident scene at the first time. Life channels of the injured are blocked, thus delaying the best rescue time.

      Patients can be rescued during golden rescue time so as to reduce accident mortality, injuries, family pain, as well as social and national rescue cost for the wounded.
        According to medical rescue experience of Europe, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong, If helicopters can provide timely medical rescue within the golden one rescue hour, death rate of road traffic accidents can be reduced by more than 24% and disability degree can be reduced by more than 50%.
        Accordingly, if air rescue service for road traffic accidents can be established in Shandong province, death toll is preliminarily estimated to be reduced by more than 1000 people each year.
        It is beneficial to clear traffic for road traffic accidents, reduce congestion degree, improve transport efficiency, save transportation costs, and promote social and economic development.
        It is beneficial to help building an all-round land and air emergency rescue network, improving road traffic security environment, life guarantee quality, people's livelihood and people's satisfaction index.