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Membership Service

一、Membership Development Object

1.In order to advocate public welfare, any Chinese citizen living or working in Shandong Province on a permanent basis, in principle, may join the membership;
2. Due to limited rescue ability, people who have driving license are considered as primary potential members in early stage;
3. In order to improve social benefits of air rescue service, drivers and passengers who often go on a self-drive journey and drive on expressway are considered as preferred potential members in early stage;

二、Membership Commitment

  • service area: air rescue of road traffic accidents within Shandong Province
  • service time: during daytime when weather condition is suitable for flying
  • flying dispatch criterion: whether or not to conduct air rescue is judged by medical experts; whether
               or not to dispatch flying is judged by flight experts
  • service commitment: Under suitable condition for flying dispatch, we will strive to arrive at the scene
              of accidents within 30-60 minutes after receiving a call for help
  • service fees: free of charge for the first air rescue service, 50%-70% of market
              price for the following services
  • other services: with transportation permission, members can enjoy other special service privileges
  • membership period: valid for 1-5 years, members enjoying independent choices