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Project Introduction
       China's first professional air rescue operator for road traffic accidents
     Public Service;Meager Profit

       HEMS 999 COMPANY LIMITED,invested by MIT GROUP, was approved to be established by East China Regional Administration of Civil aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in January 19, 2015. Strategic cooperation has been reached with MRCC (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center) of Ministry of Transport of People's Republic of China and also with People's Insurance Company of China. Cooperation alliance of technical training resources for talents has been achieved with American flying academy and medical rescue operators in Europe, the United States, and Taiwan. We are China's first professional air rescue operator for road traffic accidents.

Primary Operation:

       Mainly engaged in air medical rescue for road traffic accidents, concurrently engaged in emergency medical rescue and air transfers services, etc
Operation regions: Shandong Province

Rescue Bases:

       In the inception phase, 6 rescue bases shall be set up in Shandong Province, distributing in Yantai, Weifang, Jinan, Qingdao, Linyi, and Jining city's surrounding areas. Coverage scope of every base is within a 150-200 kilometer radius around to ensure helicopters' arrival at the scene within golden rescue time of 30-60 minutes.
       The scope of bases shall be expanded as required in later stage. Rescue bases give priority to areas near expressways.

Helicopter Allocation:

      In the inception phase, an Airbus H130T2 medical rescue helicopter shall be allocated in each base. Later, more than 1-2 helicopters shall be allocated in each base as required. At the same time, two standby helicopter shall be allocated in Weifang center base. That is to say, initially there are 7 helicopters (including one standby helicopter) in 6 bases.

Cooperative Hospitals:

        In the inception phase, we will look for 1-2 local best top three hospitals for medical assistance strategic cooperation. C class Helipads shall be set up at each cooperative hospital, which will dispatch medical personnel to rescue bases on standby throughout the year. Later, helipads shall be expanded to all major cities in Shandong Province.

Land Cooperation:

       Cooperate with local 120 Emergency Center to share resources in terms of rescue information and medical personnel. At the same time, cooperate with traffic administration/transportation/expressways and other relevant departments to ensure the establishment of temporary parking points at the scene of road traffic accidents, traffic control for temporary vehicle and scene dismantlement.

Operation Center:

       Province-wide operation center of road traffic accidents shall be established in Weifang city. After receiving a call for help, medical experts as well as operation and control specialists, according to injury situation and weather condition, decide whether or not to arrange helicopter rescue.

Rescue Time:

       After receiving a call for help, rescue helicopters and medical personnel shall arrive at the scene within golden rescue time of 30-60 minutes to conduct emergency rescue.

Rescue Object:

       The project is mainly aimed at badly wounded in road traffic accidents within Shandong Province, especially the traffic accidents on expressways and the road far away from urban areas, concurrently engaged in air transfers services for badly wounded and other emergency rescue services.