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Airbus H130 T2 Introduction

H130 T2——HEMS Helicopter

1.1 Project Research & Development and Production Milestone

Category light weight helicopter with single-engine
Number of Seats 1+7
Time to Market EC130 B4: 2001 EC130 T2: July, 2012
Airworthiness Certification Date EC130 B4: 1998 EC130 T2: 2012
Delivered H130(by the end of 2014) 571(Worldwide) 4(China)
Delivered Squirrel Family (by the end of 2014) 5840(Worldwide) 54(China)

1.2 Weight Data

Condition:Maximum Takeoff Weight,ISO
Bare Weight 1,443 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight(internal loading) 2,500 kg 2,500 kg
Effective Load 1,057 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight(external overhang) 3,050 kg
Maximum External Overhang Load 1,500 kg

H130 has greater internal loading capacity for more medical equipment, patients and flight crew.

1.3 Performance Data

Condition:Maximum Takeoff Weight,ISO
Velocity Never to Exceed(VNE) 287 km/h
Maximum Cruising Speed 237 km/h
Maximum Endurance 4:00 h
Maximum Flight Range 617 km
Practical Ceiling 5517 m
Hover Ceiling in Ground Effect 3429 m
Hover Ceiling Out of Ground Effect 2957 m

H130 provides extremely superior performance in hot and plateau conditions (one of best products of its kind)

1.4 External Dimension

higher blade height over the ground of its kind

1.5 Internal Dimension

the widest airframe of its kind

1.6 Loading and Unloading Access of Stretcher

Only H130 can provide enough internal space and access for patients and stretcher of overall dimension

H130 has higher and wider access for flight crew to load and disassemble stretcher more efficiently and conveniently