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Project Background

        China has the world's highest death toll of road traffic accidents, remaining first for consecutive years;
       The primary feature is huge number of road traffic accidents. Polices can receive more than 4.7 million accidents calls each year.
        The second feature is high death rate. There are more than 200,000 casualties caused by road traffic accidents each year, death rate accounting for 21%(The proportion of death toll to the number of casualties), yet there is only 0.54% death rate in Japan. The death rate in China is almost more than 40 times than that of Japan.

The third feature is frequent vicious accidents. There are many accidents with multiple fatalities in one time each year.

       The primary reasons can be listed as follows: too many cars, too many people, too many new drivers, weak safety awareness, unreasonable road traffic design, severe traffic jams, poor comprehensive abilities of emergency rescue, imperfect abilities of air rescue.
       By the end of 2014, China's vehicle number has reached 264 million, including 154 million automobiles, and the number of drivers has topped 300 million. Highway traffic mileage has reached 4.3 million km, including 100 thousand km of expressway, ranking No.1 in the world. Vehicles offer people the convenience of traveling, and also give intense pressure to traffic safety management. Owing to traffic congestion or traffic inconvenience in some road and inability of first time rescue, ground rescue is often blocked or delayed, thus making high death rate of road traffic accidents, which is more than 40 times than that of Japan.
       Shandong Province, located in eastern China, has a total land area of 157.1 thousand square kilometers. It has a total population of more than 94 million and 17 prefecture-level cities.

       Highway traffic mileage of Shandong Province has exceeded 260,000 km, ranking second in China, among which expressway mileage has reached 200 km, ranking first in China. In 2012, there are about 14,000 alarms of traffic accidents with 13,000 injuries and 3900 fatalities, death rate accounting for 23%. The number, casualties and death toll of road traffic accidents in Shandong Province are ranking at the top list in China.
       Therefore, it is very necessary and pressing to build air medical rescue network of road traffic accidents in Shandong Province, which not only has practical significance, but also sets example, thus promoting the development of national air medical rescue undertakings, benefiting the nation and people as well.